Professional Caflon Ear Piercing

14th July 2017

Professional Caflon Ear Piercing
Available at cottesmore health & beauty salon
School is almost out & summer is here!!
The six weeks summer holidays are the perfect time to treat your children to having their Ears Pierced, allowing the perfect healing time before heading back to school in September.
At Cottesmore Health & Beauty Salon we will ensure your child is feeling calm and relaxed in the tranquil surroundings of a private Beauty room, no distractions to make them uncomfortable.
❁ All studs are supplied in individual validated pre-sterilised blister packs
❁Caflon ear studs are made from hypoallergenic material meaning they do not cause allergies or irritations.
❁ They are available in assorted styles and sizes, 24ct gold plate, silver plate and Titanium
❁ Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent
❁ The supplied ear rings must remain in the ears for 6 weeks

£25 including studs & after care solution

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